Second Chance, S.L. Endorsed by its three partner companies, has been dedicated to buying and selling of first brands watches, jewelry and accessories.


We certify that all watches are original. They have been carefully examined and checked and if they are in perfect condition. We guarantee the proper working order of the watches for a period of six months, except in case of fall or bad treatment.


In our Jewels we guarantee the materials and quality that are specified in each article. In addition, if necessary and at the client's request, we attach a gemological laboratory certificate, depending on the value of the piece.


All our handbags and accessories are authentic 100%, being Second Chance, S.L. in full opposition to counterfeiting and any other form of illegal and deceptive trade.

Our quality department is composed of experts in handbags and top brand accessories. They carefully examine all the details and characteristics of each of the articles on this website that we offer to guarantee their authenticity.